Wait ... What?!?! He's not coming home today?

Today is the 2nd day of a 12-14 day communication black-out for Jt’s missionary training. It’s so hard not knowing how things are going, but there are some fur babies that are having a harder time with it than me….

Jt’s ever loyal German Shepherd … He’s been attached to my hip ever since Jt started packing his suitcases. This picture is taken over my shoulder, this morning, as I’m walking on the treadmill. He’s so close he probably has a bald spot! Although, I only walk 1.5mph for approximately an hour everyday. Also, the puppy is lost because his big brother (GSD) is grouchy, miserable, & whiney!

I’ve been pretty good so far. Staying ahead of any depression by staying in constant prayer, and by using Console essential oil on my temples, wrists, and over my heart 2-3 times a day.

Here’s some pictures of our fur babies this morning wondering when Jt will be back home!


Jt’s ever loyal German Shepherd


Wait … What?!?!
He’s not coming home today?