Monday, 7/15/2019

I had off work yesterday … and I have another day off teaching piano, today! So much FREE time!!! Thankfully, my husband also has off from work today. I wonder what we will do today? Hopefully, watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico! That would be romantic.

Our GSD seems to be a little less miserable today. He actually played with the puppy for the first time in over a week! It didn’t last long, but it’s great to see him starting to adjust to not having Jt here.

Chevy played with Avalance a little today, but now he’s left with his pet stuffed unicorn. I’m glad to see he keeps playing!

Chevy played with Avalance a little today, but now he’s left with his pet stuffed unicorn.
I’m glad to see he keeps playing!

We are going to be giving the dogs a bath sometime this week. We’ll be using the doterra shampoo and doterra conditioner on them for the first time. Pics to come. Chevy does NOT like baths which is always fun with a 96 pound dog! The puppy, however, LOVES the water!

Off to start my day!

Saturday, 7/13/2019

Today marks a full week since Jt left. I haven’t heard from him, as he is still on a communication blackout until next weekend…

I’ve been pretty okay emotionally. On Wednesday, I actually became a little BORED! So … for the first time in 2 years, I picked up my guitar and tried to learn it again. I am a piano teacher, so the theory behind it all makes sense to me, yet sometimes I’m concerned it won’t be easy for me to learn. But I will!

The biggest adjustment going on is the dogs! Our GSD is so miserable and grumpy without Jt here! He’s whiny and so sad! He’s almost inconsolable. Our rotti passed away about 2 months ago, so not only is he mourning her, but now that Jt is not here he doesn’t have her to cuddle with. Yes, he has the puppy, but he’s wiggly and annoying (I’m reading his mind). As you can see in the cover photo, he will only cuddle with the puppy if the gigantic stuffed unicorn is in-between them.

I keep myself busy blogging, teaching piano, crocheting & writing crochet patterns, marketing my businesses, and preparing an overall business plan. I’m finding I have more free time than I ever thought possible! As soon as Florida decides to cool down, I will begin looking for volunteer opportunities. I once thought that when I retired I would be a foster parent — dogs or humans?!?!

What else do I do? Let the dogs in, let the dogs out, let the dogs in …. let the dogs out … LOL!

My husband seems to be adjusting well, for those that wonder. He says, “With Jt only in Montana right now, he doesn’t feel so far away.”

Soon Jt’s blogs should be available on the Potter’s Field Ministries’ website. He’s in Class #17. I am so excited to read his journals as he goes through this journey with God!

For now I’ll just keep letting the dogs in & out … all day & night long!