My journey to return to health has been a very long and continuous road, but to see me now …

… you’d never guess that I was once disabled & bedridden 20+ hours a day for 5 years of my life. I was blessed with an amazing husband and 3 beautiful children, but by the age of 30 I’d had back surgery and a hysterectomy, as well as riddled with arthritis. By 35, the scar tissue from my back surgery caused severe nerve damage resulting in bi-lateral neuropathy in my legs. As the pain increased, my activity decreased, and the weight began to PILE on! I went from 145 pounds to 265 pounds in less than 3 years! I was prescribed: morphine, vicodin, muscle relaxers, mood stabilizers, anti-inflammatories, etc (14 prescriptions in all).

As the years went on, I underwent various surgical procedures including a neurostimulator implant in my spinal column in 2009. We finally moved from Pennsylvania to Florida in 2015 in hopes of better health in a warmer climate. The doctors in Florida continued to prescribe all of the same medications, and a few different surgical procedures which burned my nerves to deaden the unbearable pain.

With the change in the weather, I began to walk, be outdoors more often, and was able to be in bed only 15+ hours a day. I even lost 20 pounds. However, I wanted MORE!!! I wanted my return to health! I missed ME!!! So … in August 2017 with the assistance of my Pain Management doctor, I weaned off my morphine. A couple of months later, I weaned off the vicodin — which took several months longer than the morphine. I waited another 6 months & slowly (always under the assistance of my medical team) I weaned off of several more medications. I did start taking medical cannabis and CBD oil to deal with the withdrawal symptoms - which were terrible!

By August of 2018, I was only taking 8 prescribed medications (still a lot, I know!). One by one, I weaned off of each medication. And then — it happened!!!

In September 2018 my friend introduced me to doTERRA essential oils. At first I resisted every attempt she made at helping me. She literally had given me 28 sample bottles of oils (which I accepted, but took home and shoved in a drawer - unwilling to even take the lid off and smell them - I’m exceptionally stubborn!)

In October 2018, I finally decided to try some of the sample oils she had given me, and my life changed! I wanted more! So, I decided to become doTERRA Whole Customer. I enrolled with the Home Essentials Enrollment Kit, and I was hooked. In November I added the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality vitamin pack! Within 3 weeks, I noticed a HUGE change in my overall well-being. I stopped taking my medical cannabis & only needed the CBD oil on a rare occasion. By my 2nd month of the LLV pack, I was walking daily on my treadmill at 1.4mph for an hour each morning! My energy level was up. My will to get up and DO things in the morning was incredible! I began to feel like ME again!

By the third month of using the LLV, my husband & 18 year old autistic son began taking the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality vitamins. They both lost weight — yes, more than me, of course! My husband has more energy and drive than he’s had in years! My son has been able to get a full-time job, and has the ability to focus and work 10 hour days at an outdoor water park in the Florida heat & humidity — which is shocking! On top of my son’s autism, he also suffers with Fibro Myalgia — the pressure from storms and humidity used to wreak havoc on his body (more to come on how doTERRA Deep Blue Polyphenol has improved his lifestyle)

We are still on this journey, and have no intention of stopping!

The only prescription medication I continue to take is my thyroid medication, and occasionally CDB oil.

Thank you for reading my story. I will continue with updates as I continue on this journey to my return to health!

Many blessings!