Extra Large Rose Crochet Pattern - CIBYcrochetPatterns

Extra Large Rose Crochet Pattern - CIBYcrochetPatterns


Crochet Rose Pattern Extra Large

Blossom size:

~3 1/2"H x 2 1/2"W, plus the length of your stem.

Pattern written in US Standard crochet terms - includes diagrams for those that do not read patterns ... or just like to use them.

This pattern is written as an Ebook. My Ebooks are designed for beginner to advanced crocheters. I have included a Table of Contents for ease of knowing what you should focus on depending on your crochet level.

For intermediate to advanced crocheters, the beginning of the Ebook is all about you! A simple written pattern on the Left hand page with the corresponding crochet diagram on the Right hand page.

Beginner or less experienced crocheters, the middle to end of the Ebook is all about you! In the second half of the Ebook, I break down each and every step, and include detailed photos to make each step as clear as possible. At the end of the Ebook, I also include step-by-step assembly instructions with detailed photos.

I've included a special sections at the very end of my Ebook for Additional Photos and a helpful Designer Notes Section that includes where I purchase my supplies.

Ebook Pattern includes the following for each element of the flower:
Materials List
Stitch Description
Written Instructions
Detailed Written instructions (for beginners) with step-by-step photos
Assembly Instructions with step-by-step photos
Additional Photos
Designer Notes

Materials List:
#10 mercerized cotton crochet thread
1.4 or 1.5 steel crochet hook
floral tape
floral stem wire
darning needle
strong adhesive glue
starch (Optional)

Please do not let the length of the Ebook overwhelm you. Again, the beginning of the Ebook is for intermediate to advanced crocheters, and the middle through the end is focused on beginner crocheters.

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